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The Failures are Starting to Catch Up

This is going to be a quick post, work starts soon but I feel like I need to start updating my blog again. I love journalling my running here but I need to be honest about my feelings and life as well; especially for my own recollection, I want to be able to look back at the highs and lows of this roller coaster lives that God gives us everyday.

I have many different blog topics that I have been writing down but today I want to look back at the last week and couple of days. The failures are catching up is what I texted Angel this morning. I hate the feelings of failure that was my choice. Things like knowing that I need to go for a run before Army PT but not waking up to the alarm at 0430 and hitting the snooze every nine minutes (yes, I can fall asleep for nine minutes, then awake and hit the snooze) till 0600. That’s 10 alarms I hit the snooze on.

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Elevation… it matters - El Paso Half Marathon Race Report

I don’t know why these things take me a week (maybe much longer, now that its been several weeks) to right. I just need to sit down and knock them out after the race. Anyways, the I’ve been in Ft. Bliss, TX for two weeks for Army training and I had be opportunity to sign up for the El Paso Half. Olga, my coach said I was good to run it and I wanted a fun experienced while I was here. One of the best parts of running is the experience rather than just the goal of setting a PR or running so hard you can’t enjoy the people or places around you. 

This race was all about enjoyment and training. I just happened to be in El Paso at the time so I did the race with the desire to explore the city.

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Resting with a Purpose - My 2014 Early Off-Season

Just a little backstory; from January 8th, 2013 to February 1st, 2013 I did not run! At all! It was on purpose, you can read about my terrible ITB injury (mostly caused by my rashness), but still it did my 2013 running year, really good to take a break.

I have found it interesting that in my four posts, including this one, I have written about my off-season. I just find that I really needed this break to step back and re-focus on what I really wanted in my training. I love the 100 mile distance and will be going after my second finish later this year in Arizona, but I really have zero races planned right now. Zero, that blows my mind.

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50mi PR, 50k PR, Marathon PR - Rocky Raccoon 50 Race Report

First off, thanks to the race directors and all the volunteers today. Races like this are not possible without you. Can’t wait to get some more volunteer time in later this spring. Onto my report:

50 miles in 8:45:25 and yes, I think that’s a bad time for me. Not to start this post off negative but the plan today went out the window when I took off like a rocket for the first 16 miles. I came in at 2:23 in 7th place (male), way too fast for me. Also, I had told Angel to be ready for me around 2:30-3:00 for me, so she wasn’t there, my fault but I stilled had to deal with not having Tailwind nutrition for the next 16 miles.

The first lap seemed to go well, but the entire time I knew I was pushing too hard, I knew I was going to blow up, not a good pacing strategy to kill yourself in the first 16 miles of a 50 miles race. I had to the opportunity to chat with some cool guys up near the front at this point, just wish I could’ve stuck it. I also was over hydrated in the beginning. I was peeing like ever 3 miles and it was crystal clear for the first 1.5 laps.

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Gratefulness and Peace - Jan ‘14 Update

Remember that whole, “I’m going to take a break” conversation I had with my coach before Bandera 100k. Well, there is the really fast 50 mile race this Saturday called Rocky Raccoon 50. I was already planning on volunteering with Angel, but I’m thinking about entering the race. Like, 99.9% positive I’m going to be running it. I have some Army training coming up mid-February through the first couple days of March so I will be able to have some time off physical training then to recover.

This past week has been a blessing. I have started incorporating more yoga and Biblical meditation and it has been helping my attitude throughout the day both at work and with Angel at home. Training has been so-so; Monday we did our usual, really slow company run at work, then it got much better, instead of a normal tempo or progressive ability group run on Wednesday, we did some hill sprints, like a lot of them. I felt really solid to be able to push without any pain or injury. I also had two good, better than the past couple of months, strength workouts in the gym. I did better on my overhead press, deadlift, squat, and bench press than since August last year!

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