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New Balance MT110 [Shoe Review] by @alexbridgeforth

I originally bought the New Balance MT110 thinking that it would be an upgrade to the MT101. It was promoted as a shoe that combined the cushion and rock plate of the MT101 and the 4mm drop and insole of the MT10. All of my friends could tell you that I could not wait to get this shoe. It actually has been my background on my desktop computer for a while. I was very disappointed when I received it because I found the sole to be more like the MR10. I will talk about the sole more later on. If I had kept the shoe then it would’ve been my go to race shoe for both road and trail races. There are no technical trails near me in Georgia right now so I would have no need to use them for training except to make sure that I would’ve been comfortable in them for a race. Again, Overall I liked everything about the shoe but the extremely uncomfortable sole was a big enough reason for me to send both of the widths I had back.

 I generally don’t like to write a review of a shoe until I have put at least 100 miles on it. However, I won’t be able to meet my normal requirement because I have already sent them back after two runs. I did a four-mile trail run and two mile treadmill run and I couldn’t take the pain in the outside forefoot of both of my feet. The shoe has 4mm heel-toe drop that is becoming a nice cushion for me especially with how high the shoe set. It definitely feels flatter than the MT101. Compared the MT101 the forefoot plate feels similar but the insole is a huge issue in the MT110. I love the MT101 and was hoping for a 4mm version, but alas the MT110 is not that.

I purchased the Titanium version and looked smooth. The silver and red looked awesome. I showed it to many of my friends and they said they would definitely wear those colors. It would’ve been my best looking shoe and would’ve been about as flashy as my Puma Faas 200 (Silver and Orange). The silver and red looks great unless you don’t like your shoe to stand out and then I would go with the black version. This shoe is not comfortable at all for me. Here is a snippet of the email I sent to New Balance:

The sole in forefoot is harder on the outside and it hurts the outside portion of the bottom of my forefoot. The sown in insole doesn’t go all the way up to the wall of he shoe. It is after the seam in the outside forefoot that feels like a much harder or tougher material so it puts a lot of pressure on just that one part of my foot.

 From other reviews I have read, I’ve heard that its ok to run in without socks and feel similar to the MT10. Most of the other shoe reviewers I have read love the shoe and now would swear by it. However, one blogger has the same issue as myself. He actually asked me specifically about the forefoot issue before I even ran in the shoe. Honestly, I hope that others have the same issue with the forefoot and let New Balance know. New Balance has been quick to react to something like this before with the plastic band in the MT10. They released the MT20 very quickly without the plastic band. I would love the shoe if the sown in insole went all the way up to the sidewall

The outsole is very nice. The forefoot rock plate is very helpful when running on rocky terrain. It protects the bottom of the foot much more than the Merrell Trail Glove or the MT10.

This shoe would’ve been perfect. It hurt to walk though. I couldn’t get over the issue with the forefoot. 


  • 4mm Heel-toe drop
  • 7.7oz in a size 9
  • Forefoot (14mm), Heel (18mm)
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