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Too Many Running Shoes (A recap of the last 8 shoes I’ve bought)

This is going to be a quick run down of the last eight pairs I’ve bought (a few that I’ve returned).

(From Left to Right)

1. New Balance Minimus MT20

I originally purchased this shoe soon after moving to Augusta, GA. It was at Finish Line in the Mall. I loved the older version, MT10. I recently retired the MT10 after 500 miles. My only issue with the MT20 is that New Balance Changed the forefoot strap from the plastic in the MT10 to the material on the rest of the upper and it made the forefoot much tighter. I use it a casual shoe every now and a again but I plan to give to it one of my younger brothers or to one of the members on their cross country team.

2. Merrell Barefoot Sonic Glove

I love this shoe. It is the perfect winterized version of the Merrell Trail Glove. Right now I do 100% of my trail runs in the Sonic Glove. I actually bought this shoe from GB Shoes, just a run of the mill, shoe department store. It is a zero drop shoe with a neoprene upper that protect the foot from sand and rocks. The only issue is that it is a bit too minimal for technical trail races and longer races, but for all other trails they will work perfect.


I purchased this on LeftLaneSports.com for about 50% off. I had to send back the first pair and exchange it because I got one size too big. Now that I have the right size they are my shoe for everything but trails and long road races. I have done a marathon in them and my feet didn’t like me that much. I use them for Crossfit Training and at Army Physical Training. Even though they are a little bit more expensive than a normal running shoe they definitely feel like they will be lasting well into the future. 

4. Saucony Kinvara 2

I bought these at Sports Authority on a whim after my first marathon. I wanted a cushioned road shoe because my feet were destroyed on my first marathon wearing the VIVO BAREFOOT Neo. The Kinvara felt good at the store but after taking them for a few quick runs up and down the hall way I knew they were too narrow. This was actually the reason I hadn’t bought them before. So I took them back, still in search of a good, long distance road shoe.

5. New Balance MT110

I bought these to replace the New Balance MT101 (They have too much a heel-toe drop for my liking). The fiasco of the MT110. I wanted these shoes so bad, maybe my expectations were a bit too high. They didn’t work for me at all. Even after taking them on a couple of trail runs it felt like the outside bottom side of my foot was broke. Take a look at my review for a more detailed explanation of why I have returned these shoes.

6. Merrell Mix Master

I think I may have finally found my replacement for the New Balance MT101. These have a 4mm Heel-Toe drop and have a rock plate for protection. I bought these at GB shoes. I haven’t taken them out that much because I haven’t had a need to get used to them for a long trail race. I still use the Sonic Glove as my main trail shoe. 

7. Altra Instinct

I’ve wanted these forever. A cushioned, zero-drop road shoe. This past weekend a co-worker and I drove over to Atlanta for some shopping. I saw that New Sole Running carried them. I’ve wanted to try these on before I went through the online ordering to make sure I’d get the right size the first time. I really loved them so much at the store that I bought them there. I haven’t done one run in them yet because I’m tapering for my 2nd Half Marathon coming up on Sunday. I’ve walked around them a bunch and can’t wait to take them out for a spin.

8. Invisible Shoe Connect

I finally have my own Huaraches. Two of my younger brothers already have their own, both run in them, and the younger of the two has run cross country races in them. I can’t wait to try running in them outside my hotel building. I’ve only walked around in them. It was fairly simple to get them laced up. They honestly feel like an opeen Five Finger shoe. Also, they only cost $25.

Even with all my shoe buying (my fiance still loves me), I am looking forward to the release of several other shoes; Saucony Kinvara TR and Salomon S-Lab Sense U.

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