I am Alex Bridgeforth. A 1st Lieutenant in the United States Army. I am addicted to running. I share running in my world; shoe, nutrition, training, and book reviews are just the beginning. Enter your email to keep up. It's free.


Life Stress Versus Running Stress

Being in the Army sometimes brings about stress. Not just your normal, everyday, type of “where did all my time go” stress; but the I was at work from 2 a.m., slept a little, then worked from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., type of “Where was my time to run” stress.

I had to decide the last couple of days to not worry about not running. I had a great, fast 18 miles on the trail on sunday with some other very fast runners, and I haven’t had that kind of rush in a while. I had to choose to remain positive and just accept that my spirit, body, and mind, can only handle a certain level of stress from all sources, whether it be life or training.

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